01 December 2011

Run 4 Rehab - Help Yourself and Sweet Kids!

This year Thomas and I have enjoyed staying in shape by running.  It's cheap, relatively easy to fit in the week, and sometimes the kids can even participate thanks to our friends who gave us their jogging stroller.

For quite a while now, we've wanted to combine our enjoyment of running with a fundraising effort to support the Children's Rehabilitation Clinic at Batson Children's Hospital.  Isaiah has therapy at this clinic, and we are thankful for the care he has received.  

Out of a heart of gratitude for the facilities and most importantly the people that God has provided for our little man, Thomas came up with the idea that has grown into Run 4 Rehab.

The basic idea is this:

If you are a runner or a walker, keep doing what you're doing.  From January 1, 2012 - December 15, 2012 record your distances (please use kilometers) in our Daily Mile Challenge.  (If the link doesn't work, I'd be happy send you an invite directly from the challenge page.)

The extra step comes in asking people to sponsor you for every kilometer you run from January 1 - December 15.  The good part in that extra step, is that while you will hopefully be covering lots of km, your sponsors can pledge for as little as $.01/km.  For example, Thomas and I are running as a couple, counting our km together.  Say we average 70 km/week and someone sponsors us for $.01/km.  Our sponsor would send a check to Children's Rehab for $35 at the end of the year.

After December 15, 2012, we will send your sponsors emails letting them know the total amount that they should send to Children's Rehab at Batson---no money touches our hands!

We are also excited about several corporate sponsors in the Jackson area such as Stinky Feet, Chick-Fil-A and a local Starbucks, with more to come!  These sponsors have offered door prizes throughout the year for our runners to encourage them to keep on lacing up their shoes and hitting the track!

So, are you a runner?  Sign up and help Isaiah and other kids like him!

Not a runner?  That's ok!  Sponsor us for as little as $.01/km and you can still help our wonderful little man and his friends at Children's Rehab.

Why are we doing this?

Here's exactly why:

Thanks for your help!

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