02 October 2011

Sunday Morning

Lots of good news to report this morning!

Isaiah went all night on room oxygen, so we can get rid of that nose cannula!

About 8pm last night we finally got to move Isaiah to his side.  His mood has already improved (see post below).

The rounding neurosurgeon came in this morning and gave the ok for Isaiah's foley catheter to be removed so that I can begin our regular cathing again.  Another tube can be removed!  Now he will be much easier to move.  The doctor also said he would write the order for Isaiah to be able to sit up later today.  Having the order written ahead of time will be grand; we had to wait a long time last night to finally get him moved to his side.

Here's how you can pray today:

~Isaiah meets all the criteria to move to the 5th floor.  This floor is a step up from PICU, so we would love to be considered ready to move on up to the regular post-op floor.

~Continued improvement in Isaiah's mood, appetite and drinking.  We would love to get rid of the IV fluids, but Isaiah has to eat and drink more to be able to do that.

But don't forget all the praises above!  Please thank God with us for these improvements!

Thanks, friends!

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