18 July 2011

And She's Up!

So, the monthly posts for Nadia have not been happening, as I'm sure the grandparents have noticed.  I could give you all the reasons for my negligence, but I'll just apologize; and in our last few weeks away, I will endeavor to get you up to speed on the antics of your grandchildren before you all see them again face to face.  And for our friends who love our little people, too, and are always so kind to leave encouraging comments, I will do my best to keep you up to date.

To answer a common question:

No.  Nadia isn't walking yet.  She continues to crawl like her brother, which I think is really sweet, and follows him everywhere, usually to his delight.  She occasionally crawls on her knees, but she seems to find it faster to crawl like a tadpole.

She is however beginning to cruise around the furniture in order to reach and pull down anything she can find.

Mama, look what I found!

Wanna play?

Quite honestly I sometimes think that she doesn't have the patience for me to teach her to walk.  She'll start out doing really well taking steps with me holding her arms up, but then she either gets too excited about something and starts trying to jump around, or she gets impatient and sits down so she can crawl.  She hates to be still, as you might have seen.


mom slawson said...

Aw-w-w-w these pictures are precious ! So glad she's crawling with Isaiah right now. She'll walk soon enough, and then for the rest of her life.

e said...

Big girl!!!!

Megan said...

Go, girl, go!