26 June 2011

The Spirit Of Nadezhda

So, I wanted to get some good pictures of Nadia as close to her birthday as possible, and I wanted them to be special.  You know, not just have the regular furniture in the background with toys strewn all around, maybe with some cute props, all her wonderful smiles...

Here's what I ended up achieving (and as for editing, well, that's something I only dream about these days):

We started out pretty well...

...then more distractions were necessary...

...what's down there?

What's over there?

And over there?

Ah, the real phone!

And a metro map!

It was getting difficult to take pictures with one hand and hold her in the chair with the other.

I finally let her get on the floor, and she pretty much only had eyes for brother!

And a month later, I love my very spirited one-year-old even more!


Danielle said...

She looks so sweet and fun! I can't wait to meet her again! (Rumor has it we'll be arriving in St. Pete August 1st!!!) :)

guitta chaiban hogue said...

that was so fun!