12 June 2011

Good Morning Snuggles

Nadia almost always wakes up before Isaiah. When we go to see if he's awake, she literally jumps up and down in my arms.

If he's awake, here's what happens:

Morning kisses.

Morning hugs.

"Lay down, sister."

"Sister, lay down."

Even Doodle gets in on the loving.

I am thankful.

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Francie said...

Cristy! Not sure how I missed your blog before, but it is so fun to catch up on your sweet family. The kids are precious. Hope you are well!

Gail Slawson said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, Cristy! It's so precious! I love the part where Isaiah says, "Lay down, sister." It's great to see how close they are.

Megan said...

ooooh! Makes me want to kiss them, too. (And thanks for the gentle remind to contented gratitude.)