07 May 2011

What I Didn't Have

I never had name brand clothing. I had home made clothing, which was fun because nobody else had clothes like me.
I didn't get a new car when I turned 16, or any car for that matter. I had my own personal chauffeur and the privilege of borrowing a car.
I didn't get to go to parties on the weekends. I invited friends over any time I wanted, and they were always welcome.
I didn't get to eat out much. I was fed three lovingly prepared meals a day.
I never had to wonder who was going on the class field trip. I arrived with the chaperone.
I never had a store-bought cake for my birthday. I had a delicious cake of my choosing made in a small kitchen.
I never had a birthday party at a "party location." I had themed parties with handmade decorations and every girl in the class invited.
I didn't even know that you could buy a pie crust from the store. I enjoyed homemade crusts.
I never had a house key. I always had someone at home.
I hardly ever remember having a baby sitter. I remember going just about everywhere my folks went.

And while I might have asked for Mary Poppins to come and stay with us is anything ever happened to my mama, I wouldn't really have wanted that. Nobody could be better for me than my mama.

I love you, Mama. Thank you for the wonderful childhood that
you gave me, complete with skipping and make believe. And that doesn't even touch everything you've done for me since I've grown up moved away from home and had kids of my own.

And they love you, too.


Kaitlynn said...

love love LOVE this!

atkins7330 said...

Thank you Cristy for such a sweet tribute. I only did what I was taught by my Momma. So the only thing I can say to you is go and do liewise with your precious ones and they too will feel loved and blessed with their Momma.

Megan said...

Cristy, watching you as a wonderful momma has let me know that you must have had a wonderful example. Praise the Lord for godly mommas!

Cherith said...

And they were always the best birthday parties! This was a wonderful post, Cristy! I spent many happy hours at the Atkins home...most of them watching Pollyanna and drinking Russian Tea :) I've thought about you many times recently as I read Pollyanna to Adelyn. I had never read it before and can't believe how different the Disney movie is from the book! Wow! they totally re-wrote the story! So, now I have to show her the movie :)
Will you be in B-town for Homecoming? We'll be there!
love you,