01 March 2011

One Little Man, Five Wonderful Years, Three Celebrations!

For only the second time in his life, we enjoyed celebrating Isaiah's birthday in the States.  I did a short post earlier to celebrate his actual birthday, but I've waited to share his birthday celebrations because we only finished them yesterday!

A few days before his birthday we had a small family celebration.  Thomas unavoidably had to be in Oregon for meetings on Isaiah's birthday, so we ate cake a little early.

For Isaiah's birthday I took the kids to Baton Rouge to celebrate with Thomas' family.  We had fun with a Buzz Lightyear-themed party compliments of Grandma with a fun rocket cake.

Isaiah loved playing with his cousins.  He really seemed to enjoy all the celebration, even saying "Again!" after we sang to him (and here's the second time).

Little Sister had fun helping him celebrate as well.

I loved seeing him be so excited about having so much fun.

And speaking of fun, last but not least, we were finally able to have a small party with 4 of his little friends.  We had been waiting for some healing after his surgery so that he could play with all the gusto worthy of his five years.  We met some friends at Pump It Up in Jackson, an indoor play place with huge inflatables.  And, boy, did we have fun!  I think Isaiah's favorite was the giant slide, and Thomas and I enjoyed taking turns with him.

Then we came back to our place for hotdogs and cake.  The cake was inspired by his beloved Kermit (who always gets the equal kisses and hugs at bedtime that Daddy and Mommy get).

Sadly, I never got a picture of all the kids together, but thank you for joining our fun!

Isaiah likes his huge card signed by everyone from all 3 celebrations

Thank you family and friends for helping us celebrate!  We'll have to do this again sometime.

I love you, Isaiah.  And I love that you love Kermit.  And you are really cute, especially with those chocolate crumbs on your handsome face.


lsak said...

awww Happy (Late) Birthday Isaiah!!!!
Miss you so much and I can't wait to see you (with your sister this time) again!!!

Susan Tipton said...

Great Birthday! God bless.