10 December 2010

Random Happiness

1.  My little boy has started remembering his friends.  I love to hear him calling for his friends when I tell him that we're going to see them again.

2.  We have a Christmas tree that's big enough to require more than one strand of lights.  Last year was a pretty hectic Christmas, but this year we are a bit more prepared since we knew ahead of time we would be in the country.

3.  Weebles are for sale again.  I spent many hours as a child playing with Weebles.  I had a Weebles circus and played with it so much that I wore it out.  Now I can enjoy my children can enjoy playing with them, if they can beat me to them.

4.  I got a letter in the mail this week.  A real letter.  Not a Christmas card or advertisement or request for anything but a genuine letter.  And I'm excited to write back!

5.  My little girl has a really cute giggle.  Take a listen:

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1 comment:

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Her laugh is so cute!!! I played it and my 2 dogs ran over to look!

They LOVE babies. LOVE them to pieces.