02 November 2010

Five Months Loving Nadezhda

So before Nadia is 6 months old, I thought I'd post some pictures from her 5th month.  She just keeps on getting cuter and more fun!
She was trying to eat her dress, hence the wet spots by her right knee.

By the end of her 5th month, Nadia started rolling from her back to her tummy.  She doesn't seem to get the concept of returning to her back, but she sure is cute as she "swims" around.  She'll make a complete circle in no time flat!

A big thank you to some friends in NC for the beautiful blanket with Nadia's name!  This will be a special keepsake.

Compared to her brother she's a napping queen!  We have  our days of not sleeping well, especially as she's teething, it seems, but overall she's a great napper right now.  Even with our crazy schedule that throws her afternoon naps out of whack at least 3 times a week, she seems to do really well.  Something this mama greatly appreciates!

Talk to her, and she will love you forever, rewarding you with her cute toothless (for the moment) grin, and she will usually talk back!

She's doing better in her sitting, though she still needs support.  Sometimes she does really well in her bumbo, when she's not trying to eat it, that is.

first the fingers...

...then the seat.

And I wish I had a video of her in the Baby Bjorn because she's our little ninja baby.  People stop me all the time when I'm wearing her and comment on how much she moves.  She is literally constant motion.  Something has to be moving at all times.  One National Guardsman stopped me in Wal-Mart and said that she was controlling traffic, and he was waiting for his signal from her.

we enjoyed a family day at the reservoir

I've also been trying to get a video of her latest noise.  She does this hilarious growl when she's happy.  Naturally every time I get the camera ready she stops growling.  Maybe someday.  But you've got to hear it!

She giggles when you kiss her cheek!  So of course she gets tons of kisses!

Happy five months, Nadezhda!


mom slawson said...

We're grinning from ear to ear !!

schupack said...

great post! she is so cute.