03 August 2010

Nadezhda: How It's Said

After watching the video, I realized that I forgot to mention that the letters that make the odd sound (like the "s" in pleasure) are the "zh" in Nadezhda.  For those of you who have been asking, I hope that this is helpful.  But you are welcome to continue calling her Nadia, of course!


Julie Fuller said...

Wow, Cristy, that's really pretty! I'm glad you posted how to pronounce it... I'd assumed (wrongly!) that "Nadia" WAS how it was pronounced, if it was spelled in English phonetics. I love both names!

Ashley DeLen said...

Oh Cristy her name is beautiful!! How lovely it sounds. And how sweet it is to see your children together!

And you are a very good teacher!!

Hope you all are doing well.

:O) Ashley

Danielle said...

It was a pleazzzhhhure just watching little Nadia's face during the lesson! (Isaiah's too!)

The Nelsons said...

I am so glad you posted a video! Emily and I loved watching Nadia and Isaiah!
Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

it is truly a beautiful name, our daughters name is Nadezhda Aleksys