08 May 2010

Uncharted Territory

So, Nadia and I have reached the 34 week mark.  I have never been more than 34 weeks pregnant.  Isaiah made his grand entrance at 34 weeks, and we're praying that Nadia doesn't have a competitive spirit and doesn't want to outdo her brother when it comes to excitement at time of birth!

What has week 34 held?

~My body isn't what it was when I was pregnant with Isaiah.  Aches and pains are more frequent and sleep is less frequent.  But she's worth it!

~I am increasingly forgetful.  Didn't know that was possible.

~I'm still not gaining a bunch of weight, but it's coming.  Maybe this will make the recovery after birth easier?

~My doctor finally seems more satisfied that I'm taking care of myself and isn't demanding seemingly strange things of me, well not as much anyway.  (Russian doctors tend to be way overprotective, in my humble opinion.)

~After reading this post by a blogging friend and her thoughts about enjoying "now", I realized that I will never have just Isaiah again, and it made me want to enjoy every possible moment with him to the fullest.  I'm planning some special (light) activities for us; I'm sure that ice cream will be involved somehow.  I know he'll be a wonderful big brother, but it feels very strange to think about sharing him and sharing myself with another child.  It's wonderful, but strange.

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Anonymous said...

I remember feeling the same way about reaching 34 weeks. So glad to know you are past that point. Grahams birth experience was so different as I know yours will be. I also wanted to "soak" Jake up during those last weeks. Love ya, Beth