05 March 2010

Moving Tot School

Isaiah and I are still enjoying doing Tot School every week, but we are making a slight change.  Our Tot School posts will have their own blog now, along with other posts that I will be writing about what it's like to homeschool a child with special needs.

Our new blog is called Learning Together--Because Learning is a Journey for Children and Parents.  I have been searching the internet for parents who blog about educating their children with special needs, whether they exclusively homeschool or try to supplement the education that their child receives at a school.  I have found a few families with similar goals and hopes for their children, which has been encouraging to this mama!

If you know of anyone who would like to share their experiences or just make a new friend in a similar situation in life, please feel free to pass on our new blog!  I love meeting new people!

Don't worry fans of Isaiah, I will still be posting about him on here, but this will return to more of my personal blog, which will include fun family stories and experiences.  Learning Together is designed to chronicle the progress that Isaiah and I make in our schooling adventures.  Thank you for the encouragement that you have given us thus far!

1 comment:

simplebeauty said...

I think this is a wonderful idea!! Every momma needs encouragement and I know that you are going to be great at it!

Have a wonderful weekend!