22 February 2010

A Normal Day

Since getting back to St. P, I've had a particularly hard time getting settled into any semblance of a routine or feeling "normal" (whatever that might really mean, of course). After being here for almost 2 months, I think I actually had a normal day yesterday! Naturally, I had to commemorate the event with a blog post.

But now as I'm typing, I'm realizing this normal feeling is hard to describe. But our day was, well, normal...I got up at a fairly decent time. We had our family breakfast and Bible reading. I did laundry. Read my Bible while Isaiah played his guitar and watched cars out the window. We did some Tot School, and had the sidewalks been even close to clean, we would have had time to go outside. Since they were rather impassable (another post!), we just painted some more. Ate lunch. Isaiah "napped". I did homework. We played. We sewed. He pooped. Had supper. Family time next. Isaiah went to bed. Did a little more homework. Watched some Olympics and sewed some more. Hung out with Thomas. Went to bed.

It was a good day. I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

we played....we sowed....he pooped. classic. it's the little things that keep the world going round isn't it?!?!

simplebeauty said...