12 February 2010

How to Avoid a Migraine

1. Make very clear plans with your language teacher in your fluent Russian about a time for your lesson to take place.

2. Stay home the morning of clearly planned lesson rather than going to the grocery store and moseying about the region while pushing your sweet child in his stroller in the falling snow along the not-as-clear-as-they-once-were sidewalks.

3. Because lesson day and time were so clearly discussed and remembered by you, there will be no need for shock and dismay when your teacher announces her arrival to your husband as you enter the apartment with sweet child, stroller and groceries.

4. Be completely relaxed while your teacher finds all the things you've forgotten about the grammar of the Russian language over the past 6 months. (actually, now that I think about it, it's been more like 8 1/2 months)

5. Eat regular and healthy meals because you know exactly what is going to happen during the day and are never caught completely off guard.

And in case you didn't catch the sarcasm in this post, it could also be named:
"Why I Thought my Head was Going to Spin off of my Neck Yesterday"

I'll let you figure out the rest.


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Cherith said...

Hilarious (except the migraine part! So sorry you had to deal with that; i can relate to those! and especially hard when you're pregnant and can't do much about it medicinally!) I'll try to remember those pitfalls for my next russian lesson :)