10 January 2010

Christmas Day in America

Well, I finally got the last set of pictures from the States downloaded from our camera's memory card. And here are lots of them, so probably only family will really enjoy this post. :) However, better late than never!

A couple days before Christmas we enjoyed some special time with all of Thomas' family. We had a special photo shoot, but Thomas and I can't make up our minds which pictures we want exactly, but I can't wait to show them off! It's quite a crew!

Christmas Eve was another special time with most of the family. Isaiah got to open his Christmas Eve present--Lightning McQueen pjs! He proudly wore them to bed that night, even though the pants needed some serious alteration.

Here we are Christmas morning, waiting to go see his St. Nicholas gifts, presents we leave out unwrapped for him to enjoy right away.

Do you see a theme developing?

Mimi and JanJan got to do the honors of bringing Isaiah in to be delighted.

He was actually really good at unwrapping presents this year. Here he's working on his stocking presents. He would tear one little piece of paper at a time and hand it to someone with this funny expression of almost disgust on his face.

"Look, another car!"

For years Thomas has been asking for the movie African Queen, and I finally was able to get it for him. I love finding the perfect gift!

And what would this Christmas have been without an actual Lightning McQueen? Incomplete I must say.

Cousin Luke came over (with his parents and little sister, of course), and he kindly shared his cool toy with Isaiah.

My brother-in-law took this picture for us. My belly will get bigger, and Thomas' belly will get smaller over the next few months! I was about 13 weeks here. (and Thomas is seriously exaggerating the size of his belly)

Before heading out of town, we went to see Thomas' older brother and his family. The kids were still playing with all their new toys, and Uncle Thomas had to get in on the action!

Though the time was short, we enjoyed our Christmas with family before beginning several days of traveling to return to Russia. Thanks for the memories!

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simplebeauty said...


It looks like your family had a lovely Christmas!! And your baby bump is too cute!! Blessings to you all.

Have a wonderful day :O)