18 January 2010

Celebrating a Slow Start, But a Start!

After thinking for a while that I could be Supermom, I've realized that I just need to cut myself some slack and slow down. So, here's my plan...

I'm going to develop a schedule for us (Isaiah and me, really) for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then for Tuesday, Thursday (Saturday). This schedule is not to be rigidly held to, but to give me something to start with. Some elements will be essential, naturally, but basically I want a schedule to fall back to when we get disrupted so that purposeful activity resumes.

Rather than breaking the day by hours, I'm breaking it into segments (ie, breakfast, morning, lunch, rest, afternoon, snack, before supper, supper, family time, bed). I hope to make a picture chart like another homeschooling mama has done so well, so that as Isaiah's vocabulary continues to increase, he can identify the next thing to do by the picture. If we do well with the loose schedule, we can add to it as we like.

When I get the schedule done, I'll post an example. I've been taking pictures for it and for the speech therapy cards that I'm going to make next week, so it's a work in progress at the moment. I feel better already, having a plan of what I want our plan to be. :) Thanks for the suggestions I got via email and comments. I'm definitely going to cut back on some of my original expectations and make sure to redeem the small moments when learning can take place, like in the bath tub the other night when we worked on Isaiah's pronunciation of the letter M, or when we're doing his enema every other night and we work on the alphabet and counting. I would love to show a video of that, but well, that probably wouldn't be appropriate. But he's so cute and funny as he gets excited about saying the letters and numbers! Oh well, I will treasure those memories in my heart--a mama's privilege.

Well, since I don't have the actual schedule made, I suppose I should stop rambling about how adorable my son is and go do something about that schedule production, but really folks, he's just so stinkin' cute!

See, I told you so.


lsak said...

awwwww.... i miss you so much mrs. slawson!~ when will you come to school???

mom said...

We definitely agree, 200% !!