05 November 2009

A Great Combination

What could be better than going to the zoo? Going to the zoo with friends, of course!

My wonderful friend, Victoria and her 2 adorable children invited us to join them on an outing to the Jackson Zoo, which was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We had such a great time! We took tons of pictures, so here are a few of my favorites:

Isaiah was more interested in Connor and Brooklyn Claire than the coolness of sitting on an alligator (or crocodile, I don't remember).

They had giant dinosaur eggs just begging for a photo.
Isaiah loved the little aquarium section at the zoo with the turtles and a few fish. My favorite part though was the place for the beavers. They had built these caves to be able to sit in a bubble in the water where the beavers were supposed to be swimming around. Connor realized that Isaiah could fit inside, too, even in his wheelchair, so he entertained Isaiah for a long time in there! It was so sweet!
And you have to have a picture with the elephants, it's a rule.
Though this was a long time ago, we're still enjoying the memories! Thanks, friends!

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VictoriaBrooke said...

Ah! Ijust found this! It was such a wonderful time! Connor asks about once a month when Isaiah is coming back so that we can go to the zoo again! Love ya.