12 October 2009

Pardon Me Boys,

is that the Chattanooga Choo-Choo?

We enjoyed a few days in Chattanooga, TN last month. I will warn you that there are a lot of pictures in this post, but I promise I did narrow them down.

We enjoyed a nice cool albeit foggy morning at Rock City. As we were leaving the sun came out and began to burn away some of the fog. What you see behind Thomas and Isaiah in this picture was pretty much our view for the time we were there. But we had fun anyway!

Here I am gripping the edge of the swinging bridge; this was not my favorite activity, but I did it.
We walked across the river on the pedestrian bridge and found this great park with a fountain area for kids (of all ages) to play in. Animal statues circled the main fountain area, but the animals would shoot out water, too.

Isaiah really liked playing in this little fountain, until it shot up and squirted him in the face! He recovered quickly, though.

The aquarium was a surprisingly big hit with Little Man. I had no idea he would love the fish so much!

This is how I looked before we took the Incline Railway up the side of Lookout Mountain. You don't want to see what I looked like after the ride was done. Let's just say that I would take the swinging bridge above this ANY DAY! And there was an incredibly thoughtful woman behind me talking to her friend about all the problems that the railway had had in recent years; um, yeah, thanks!

And this was the view during part of our ride. Just looking at the pictures brings back all those yucky feelings!

We went to Five Points once we topped the mountain. I was never so glad to be out of a moving vehicle!

The view was really something, but I refrained from getting to close to the edge. Thomas did the photography duties at this site.

And there she is, the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. You can actually stay on this train, if you pay a lot of money, which we didn't. But it was fun to walk around.

What would a trip to Chattanooga be without some Clumpies ice cream? Well, we wouldn't know because we all enjoyed some!

Isaiah was the only one who got official souvenirs on our trip. He fell in love with a car (naturally), and he got this huge shirt, which is a story in itself. We were enjoying a lovely meal at a Texas Roadhouse not far from our hotel, and Isaiah decided that his meal would be just as good on the outside as on the inside, only after he ate it. He was a mess, and the manager found this t-shirt, and gave it to Isaiah. We were all pleased with the situation, and Isaiah liked his big shirt.

But these are my favorite pictures from the whole trip...
So there you have it. We have had about 3 full days of vacation since being in the States; and we did our best to enjoy them to the fullest!


TheRockerMom said...

I used to live across the street from the Choo Choo. It looks like your little man had a blast!! (I was all set to ride the incline (from the top-down) until I stood in the rail car. I immediately stepped back out. Nothing should be that steep!!)

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Wow, your pictures are wonderful. Looks like you had a lot of fun and saw some really cool things!!

Sandra Slawson said...

Chattanooga is a fun place. I'm glad ya'll had a good time.

mom slawson said...

Loved the pictures ! Now that you're in the states, I keep forgetting to check your blog. I was feeling kind of lonely to hear from you all and suddenly remembered that you might have posted something on your blog. love mom

Anonymous said...