05 October 2009

Four Wonderful People

Isaiah is blessed to have 4 grandparents who love him very much! But there has been some confusion when it comes to names of those grandparents, well the grandmas really. So our solution was to come up with some different names that Isaiah can say easily to help us be more clear when talking about his grandparents.

So I'd like to introduce:

Grandma and Grandpa

My parents have been dubbed Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, it sounds more like Agran and Ampa, but we all know what he means. We enjoyed having Grandma with us for several weeks as we got settled into our new place. She took care of Isaiah's room while we were busy with doctors.

Grandpa came down for a visit, too, and he and Isaiah enjoyed reading together and watching baseball and wearing matching shirts! He's looking forward to more walks in the cooler November weather when we go up to NC for Thanksgiving!

Mimi and JanJan

We enjoyed a visit from Thomas' parents in September. Thanks to JanJan, Isaiah is now drinking from a straw! I had been working on this skill off and on for about a year. Mimi was helping Isaiah with the straw one morning, when JanJan walks around the corner and shows him how it's done. And guess who's been drinking from the straw ever since!

Isaiah also enjoyed some good coloring time and riding time with Mimi and JanJan during their visit.

We thank God for the love shown to us and our Little Man!