30 July 2009

To the Polls!

Update: Voting actually ends August 13 at noon. The winner will be announced on August 13 as well. Sorry, I had the dates mixed up--you still have time! ;)

Well, sort of. Remember this post where I told you about the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Giveaway at 5 Minutes for Special Needs (5M4SN)? I'm not usually a real go-getter when it comes to this sort of thing, contests online that is, but I can't tell you how much I would LOVE to win this contest. And multiply how much I want to win by, oh 1000, and you will begin to understand how much Isaiah LOVES ice cream. One day Thomas treated us to some ice cream bars, and before I could even open the package, Isaiah was pulling on my leg from his stroller to get me to come down to his level and share with him! And he now recognizes the ice cream carts scattered about the city and even asks for ice cream when we walk by them. I'm tellin' ya, this boy loves ice cream!

Thank you to those of you who left comments so that we could become finalists! Now there's one more way that you can help...

Head back to 5M4SN and VOTE for our picture! We are #6 Random Thoughts, just in case you forget when you're looking at all the other cute kids with their ice cream. :)

And here's our picture again, just in case!

And although I know that you will want to vote for us lots and lots and lots because you're such dear friends who want us to have ice cream, please only vote one time per ip address. And if you don't know what that means, then just don't vote more than once from your computer, that should cover it. But you can tell all your friends to go and vote for us, too!

Thanks so much, and may you all have summers filled with all the ice cream that you want!


Anonymous said...

Oh i voted but miss emma sage was knocking it out of the park with 44! Your holding strong in second with 12!!!! Good Luck!

The Schwant Family said...

the computer keeps going crazy when i try to vote...same thing happened the other day when i tried to comment. weird. i will persevere.

CristyLynn said...

Bobby, Miss Emma Sage is still knocking it out of the park, but thanks for voting! :) We could still get some ice cream, just not as much. I'm not giving up hope!

You're so sweet to persevere! :)