10 June 2009

The Winner Is...

Y'all are good guessers, since I'm assuming you don't know Russian.  This product was correctly identified as liquid smoke by SimpleBeauty!  But good job to ForHisGlory, who also wanted to guess liquid smoke as well.  Maybe you'll get the next one first!

And, SimpleBeauty, if you don't mind waiting until August, I'll be happy to reward with you an authentic матрёшка upon our return to the States for a couple months.  I would mail it here, but we would probably be in the States before you got it, so I figure I'll save myself a couple bucks, and get it to you just as quickly.  Email me your address at the slawsons (at) siberiangrits (dot) com and I'll save it for future mailing purposes.  (without the spaces and parentheses, of course, but I'm sure you know that)

Reading your guesses was lots of fun, but I must confess not as fun as actually eating hotdogs that tasted like they'd been grilled outside and washing them down with Dr. Pepper while watching the Braves play baseball.  Yeah, that was grand!


simplebeauty said...


Please note that this smile comes with a happy crinkled nose... When I'm really happy and I smile my nose kind of crinkles. Thought I would share that!

simplebeauty said...


I must be doing something because I can not get my email to go through. Help... I promise I didn't add spaces!

CristyLynn said...

So glad you shared that little tidbit; very fun! And I'm picturing your nose all crinkled up so cutely. :)

I replied via email to your comment, so perhaps you can reply to that email directly. If that doesn't work, just let me know here, of course. We've got some time to work it out. ;)

simplebeauty said...

It's offical I'm a blond stuck with brown hair... I just read the address again for about the fifty-ith-ish time and I totally forgot the word "the" yep... Sorry about that I'm going to pop over to my email and email you!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

PS I know there is time, I'm just SO excited about liquid smoke in a Russian bottle!