05 June 2009

Good News!

Thanks for praying for our friend, Julia!  She just called me to let me know that the interview went very well yesterday.  They had told her that they would call her on Monday, but they called her today to tell her that she got the job!  She goes for training on Monday and then starts officially working in July, after the honeymoon that she and Костя (Kostya) finally get to have.

We are so excited for her to have this job.  I had told her that my friends were praying for her, too, so she wanted me to tell you thank you, as well.  You got to minister to a sister in Christ in Russia!


atkins7330 said...

Please let Julia know that we are rejoicing with her. The Lord is good!

Kelly said...

I prayed for her! It is always great to see how God answers prayers!!