03 May 2009

Tot School--C Week

Tot School
Isaiah is 38 months old

We're getting back into the alphabet where we left off before starting with Isaiah's name.  We had done C a little bit, but not as thoroughly as I would have liked because it was around Christmas, and I got very distracted.  So, here's what we did with the letter C.

C is for....


Our verse for the week:
Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

We enjoyed celebrating Daddy's birthday on Tuesday!  He had a yummy chocolate cake, which Isaiah also really enjoyed.  Unfortunately I can't get the picture off my phone to show you, so you'll just have to trust me on that one.


We only made it through the first day of creation this week, but I think that we can easily continue this theme with the days of creation for D week next week.  We really only had one official day of Tot School this week, but I have all the projects ready for all the days of creation, so we should accomplish more next week.

Isaiah helped me glue our creation circle for day 1:  Light and Dark.  We cut out the circles in light and dark colors of  construction paper, then glued half of one circle onto the other.  Here Isaiah is clapping after we finished the craft.


I found some small plastic containers at IKEA when we were there with friends on Monday, so now I don't have to keep borrowing from the kitchen and running out when I need them!  I found some cotton balls, and Isaiah really enjoyed moving them from one container to another, no big surprise to me.
But then he realized that he could pull them apart, and that was even more fun!

And if you missed this other post, you can now know that C is for CRAWLING

We are super excited about Isaiah being able to pull his knees up under his hips and get around a little bit at a time.  There's a video, too, if you would like to see him in action!

Cutie in a Cap

We had a nice family day on Wednesday when we were able to go visit Pushkin.  We were outside almost all day, which thrilled Isaiah, of course.  The weather was not cold, which thrilled all of us!  But here's Isaiah looking oh so cute in his Durham Bulls cap, a wonderful gift from North Carolina.


We visited Katherine the Great's palace in Pushkin.  There were lots of neat clocks like this one in the entryway.

Ceramic Furnace
Almost all the rooms had ceramic furnaces in the corners like this one.  Be sure to notice the cool blue footies that Isaiah's Daddy is wearing. :)  Any time you go to one of the palaces or other historical spots in Russia, you will usually need to wear these over your shoes to protect the floors.  Thankfully our Russian has improved so that we could talk the administrator into letting us use Isaiah's stroller throughout the palace so we didn't have to carry him the whole time!

Ok, so here, these are actually called palaces, but they're really like castles, too, don't you think?  It was really quite beautiful.

We really enjoyed God's beautiful creation!
We enjoyed lots of singing again this week:  If You're Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands;  Consider it All Joy (written by Isaiah's Daddy from James 1:2-4) and lots of other songs that aren't related to C at all. :)

We read lots of books (especially since we went on a short trip the end of the week, but that's another post, this one is already long enough):  Corduroy; The Cat in the Hat; and some Russian books that Isaiah really enjoys, but don't start with C necessarily, just the hard sound that's written with what looks like a latin K.

We ate crunchy nuts like almonds and cashews and not so healthy things like chips and chicken nuggets, too, and of course the aforementioned chocolate cake, which was by far his favorite food of the week.

So that's our short Tot School week.  Check out the other creative ideas at 1+1+1=1.


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

great Cc week! He is getting so big!!! That Castle picture is so pretty!

Mozer said...

Oh wow, what cool "C" pictures!

Sarah said...

I have a friend who collects clocks and that one is really really cool! Once again a fabulous letter themed post. You rock!

MoziEsmé said...

Chocolate cake would be my favorite food of the week, too!

The palace pictures are gorgeous. And this reminds me - we're starting C this week and I need to get some cotton balls!

pucktricks said...

I am jealous of going to a "castle." I love those gardens.

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

I am soooo impressed with Tot School. I will be following you lead this summer if you don't mind because Emily and I will need some activities! :)

You are such a blessing to me and such an incredible mother!!

Anonymous said...

I love how your activities are very sensory-oriented and real world! Great ideas!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, friends! We have a lot of fun. I've definitely backed off of "schoolish" type activities, because it just wasn't working for us. Isaiah's verbal skills are a little behind, and I was having issues with trying to do too much. When I slowed down and focused on just fun activities and started using a Bible theme to get me started for the week, things got much better! I don't feel as stressed, and we both have more fun!

Thanks for all the encouraging comments!