11 March 2009

Modest Fashion Week @ SAHMissionary

Hello, friends! I have another great online resource to share with you! I met Joy during the Titus 2 Blog Party. Her family is serving God in Indonesia. This post is a little later than I intended, but it's not too late to let you know about Modest Fashion Week that Joy is hosting on her blog. She's had and will have some great guest-posters this week. They are writing about some easy ways that we can be cute and modest in our dress. Check out the first post to download a great sermon by CJ Mahaney on modesty. She also has a link to some reading on the subject, which I hope to get to in the next few days as well.

And did you know that there are actually several design companies whose goal is to provide fashionable clothes while still dressing modestly! I had no idea! I've really enjoyed doing some window shopping on their websites. Several of the sites have some very affordable prices as well.

AND, you can also enter several giveaways on Joy's blog by going and leaving a comment. Personally, I would love to win one of those gift cards!

So go and check out Joy's Modest Fashion Week! I'm sure she also wouldn't mind if you check out the rest of her blog as well; she's got some great things to say!


Sharon said...

I found your blog through SAHmissionary blog comment today. I've enjoyed reading about you and your family. I pray God will strengthen you in your ministries both as a mom to this precious boy and as a missionary to Russia. God Bless!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, Sharon! Always nice to make a new friend. I'm taking a break from homework right now, but I look forward to reading some more of your blog this evening after the little man is in bed, and I've put the flashcards away. :)
Thank you for your prayers!