22 January 2009

New Year's Eve

So, this probably seems irrelevant at this point, but I still wanted to tell you about our New Year's Eve because it was just too much fun!

Our friend Trevor came to celebrate with us, so we followed the Russian New Year tradition of giving gifts on New Year's Eve.

Every night as we are getting Isaiah ready for bed, he asks the same thing:  "Outside?!"  Well, on December 31, he got his greatest wish.  Rather than getting him ready for bed, we got him bundled up to head outside--here's an idea of how happy he was!
Unfortunately I was having too much fun to capture the really fun and big fireworks that we set off, but here's Thomas getting one ready.  I'm not talking sparklers or bottle rockets, but rather multiple bursts of beautiful colors and loud bangs!  Anyone can buy the types of fireworks that are used in the displays that cities do in the States--it's really amazing!

So the little boy that used to be afraid of hearing people clap now LOVES fireworks!  In fact we ended up buying some more fireworks the next day to shoot off for him, just to hear him laugh.

This is Thomas and Trevor standing on the lake in our park.

And here are the Slawsons on New Year's Eve 2008 enjoying the cold, snow and fireworks!

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js said...

We tried to set off fireworks too. However, after the first one exploded on the ground and about blew a dog across the yard we gave up. Lol! Glad Isaiah enjoyed himself. :)