22 December 2008

Tot School

Tot School
This week we started on the letter C. I say started because C is for COLD, which is what Mama has had all week and is still recovering from.  Therefore, my energy was the pits, and my voice was non-existent for a few days.  Near the end of the week, Isaiah caught my cold, despite lots of effort to prevent such a circumstance.  So here's what we did for Tot School this week:

C is for Camera, Calculator, Cat in the Hat, Counting and CARS!

So that's what went into Isaiah's Discovery Cabinet this week.  He seems to really enjoy being able open it up and pull out whatever he wants, whenever he wants.


Isaiah really likes our new cookie sheets.  I like the fact that they are bright green and bright blue on the outside.  That doesn't make the cookies taste any better, but it's just fun.
We searched and searched and searched for cookie cutters.  Finally Thomas made us some!

Isaiah even decorated a cookie with some sprinkles.  The sprinkles were really hard to pick up, even for me, so we gave him another project:

He did a great job moving the coconut from the yellow bowl to the green bowl!  He kept showing me his green bowl and how much fuller it was, which of course brought great praise.

C is for Color
We tried painting with brushes this week.  Isaiah seemed to like it better than crayons.  I had further plans for this project, but well, I was wiped out, so the "C" has been glued to another piece of paper and awaits further fun.

I think that Isaiah was just as interested in the little containers that the paint is in, but that starts with C, too; which I'm sure he realizes.

One of our favorite books is Corduroy thanks to our friends the Notts who sent us a copy.  Here's Isaiah reading.  I must confess that I love this picture, the way that he's concentrating.  I tried to get a picture of more of his face, but then he started posing.

Check out the other Tot Schools at 1+1+1=1.  And Merry Christmas!


teachingtinytots said...

A great C week and what C week would be complete with out COOKIES!!!!!! yummy cookies!!!!

my blog moved so check it out sometime!

i'm not soing totschool anymore but i have you as a great mommy blog linkon my new page so i can keep up with what our doing!

CristyLynn said...

Yes, cookies are a must! We'll be doing more this week, in fact.

I'll be glad to check out your new blog, and thanks for the link!

Merry Christmas!

MoziEsmé said...

I think Christmas Cookies is my favorite - and you get 2 Cs with that one! Though calculators and cameras seem to have a special allure to Esme - even more than cookies... Hope you all are feeling better now!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks! We're getting there. Hopefully we'll be all better by Christmas, especially since we're having people over!
Merry Christmas to you in your warm corner of the world. :)

atkins7330 said...

"C" also stands for cuddling! I am so looking forward to doing it with you and Isaiah. I really like the picture of Isaiah reading the book. Oh how I miss you.