13 December 2008

Thank You! Thank You!

To our dear family and friends,

We feel so loved!  Thank you so much for the love that you have sent our way in the form of packages for Christmas.  I am inadequate to properly thank you; this really doesn't seem sufficient; but I thought that not saying enough was better than not saying anything, so here is my attempt.

We have picked up several boxes from the post office as of late, and underneath our little tree (and stuffed into our drawers in the kitchen!) are such treats that we didn't think we would ever see in Russia.  We know that sending packages here is not easy or cheap, and we thank you very much for your time in shopping, packaging and sending a tangible form of your love to us.  We look forward to loving on you when we get to see you again--Isaiah gives great kisses and hugs these days!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (as would be the Russian preferred holiday)!  Please hug each other for us; or if your too manly for that, a good sturdy handshake and rough pats on the back will work, too. 

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