27 November 2008

Unexpected Reaction

So, what's the last thing that really made you cry?  I'm not talking about tearing up; I mean really letting the tears flow.  Probably something sad, I'd imagine.

I recently had a good cry.  Can anyone guess why?  Check out the Thanksgiving dinner post above for a hint.  The person who guesses the closest will get something special from Russia.

Oh, but my parents and Thomas' parents are disqualified because they already know--sorry!  Y'all will get something special from Russia anyway--US! :)


Gary said...

That's easy, Cristy. You cried because you were away from your home and family during Thanksgiving.

(If I'm right, please give the "something special from Russia" to somebody of your choosing. I have lots of special things from Russia.)

CristyLynn said...

Gary, that is a very logical and reasonable guess, but it is also incorrect. Feel free to try again. Maybe I should include another hint: These were happy tears, actually. Thanks for guessing and as always, thanks for reading!

Rich and Emily Rachal said...

The turkey in a slow cooker???

RSchulte said...

How about that you got to celebrate Thanksgiving with part of our "family" some of us will never meet this side of heaven????

CristyLynn said...

Aw, my sweet sister-in-law, you know me well. :)
Although it wasn't exactly the turkey in the slow cooker, but rather the slow cooker itself. When Thomas rounded the corner with it coming into our kitchen, I pretty much burst into tears!
When's the last time you ever heard of anyone crying about a slow cooker! :)

Rich and Emily Rachal said...

I remember the last time you were here you mentioned how much you loved having a slow cooker! What girl wouldn't???