23 November 2008

Sewing Projects

Just found this post that I had started and never finished!  Before making Isaiah's Peter Pan costume, I made him these lined dress pants.  (again, thank you, Sandra!)

I bought this tan material last year to make him some pants, but I never seemed to get around to it.  Now as the weather is colder, Isaiah doesn't have many warm dress pants.  I had this flannel that I bought, sort of by accident (long story!), but it turned out to be quite handy for lining these pants.

The rounded area at the inseam is to make room for him to wear his braces under the pants.  And as it turns out, this really helps with winter boots as well!  This wasn't in the original pattern, but it wasn't too hard to make it work.

I just love this pose!

And now Isaiah has some nice warm pants to wear to church!


Momma said...

Great job!! I wrestling with the lining on an a-line dress for Josie right now. Doesn't it feel great to see the clothes finished?!

CristyLynn said...

Thank you! And YES! I love the sense of accomplishment and knowing that I have done something tangible for my child.