30 October 2008

Catechism and Kisses

Here's what you may or may not be able to hear on this video, but the pictures themselves are just too sweet to pass up sharing with everyone.

M:  Can you say hi?
I:  Hi!
M:  Say, Dada
I:  Dada
M:  Can you tell him who made you?
I:  God (Mama confirms this, "God")
M:  What else did God make?
I:  All things.
M:  Very good!  For what purpose did God make you and all things?
I:  All things.
M:  For
I:  Dor (for)
M:  His...say his....own.....glory
I:  Glory


atkins7330 said...

okay I am confused. I left a comment for this blog and it ended up on the one below.

Kelly said...

That just melts my heart! Our kids are learning the same catechisms. Such profound doctrine for them to memorize, and what a blessing to watch them learn. You are doing great, Isaiah (and mommy)!!! ;)

Emily said...

Luke and I loved this video! He giggled and smiled the whole time. Luke wanted me to tell you he thinks Isaiah is very smart and wants him to teach it to him someday. Luke also looks at your picture everyday and gets the biggest kick out of it:)

grandma slawson said...

Isaiah is so precious and smart. Love the kisses.

The Schwant Family said...

PRECIOUS!!!!!!! come home and teach Jack!! we loved watching you two!! xoxo

Cathy said...

So sweet! You are both grand!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get any better than that! I love it when they give you kisses! Isaiah will have a lot to teach Jake & Luke in January. Beth

JAB said...

I love watching you be a mom.