08 September 2008

Little People, Big Fun

When we returned to St. P, I was really looking forward to getting together with my friend Danielle and her little girl Lydia.  Last year, Danielle and I were able to have rather regular playdates for the kids, which meant some nice mommy time for us, too--quite a blessing so far from home.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before getting the kids together again.  They both hit the park full speed, communicating very well what they wanted to do!  Lydia and Isaiah get along really well.  I think Lydia even seems to understand some that Isaiah needs some help to do things, which can be really fun for both of them it seems; for instance:

There's nothing quite like having a buddy to fly high in the sky with!

And Isaiah LOVES watching Lydia go down the slide.  Just imagine the biggest smile possible and laughter that would hurt your sides, and you've got his face pictured in your mind.  He's not quiet ready to try the slide solo yet, but we did figure out a way for them to "race", which they both really seemed to enjoy!

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