31 August 2008

The Nielson Family

Through the blog world, I've recently been "introduced" to another blogging mom.  My friend E brought this creative lady to my attention through her efforts to help Nie and her family.  The short story is this:

Mr. and Mrs. Nielson are a young couple with 4 kids.  Mr. and Mrs. N were flying with Mr. N's flight instructor.  They crashed.  Mr. N's flight instructor died after reaching the hospital.  Mr. and Mrs. N are in critical care due to severe burns.  Please forgive the simplicity of the story, but not knowing them personally, I don't want to embellish in any way.  For more details, you can read Mrs. N's sister's blog here, or you can check this site created by some friends of Mrs. N.  And if you would like to follow their story, you can come back and click on the icon at the top of my sidebar.

So back to my friend E....E is one of my Creative Friends who designs different features for blogs.  In an effort to help the Nielson family, E has joined several other incredibly creative people in doing online auctions.  E is offering a "blog makeover" to the highest bidder, which will include 4 blog designs.  Please go check out her auction, and if you would like a really creative blog design and a way to help a family in need, BID!  There are also links on E's blog to further information about other auctions and ways to help the Nielsons.

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The Schwant Family said...

THANK YOU for posting that! This family really grabbed my heart and I hope we all can help them!