18 June 2008

Getting There

Well, I promised some pictures to you, my wonderful readers, but I'm having trouble getting that done because in my pride, I don't want you to see the place until it is perfect!  But of course, that could never happen, so here are a few of the pictures that I've taken so far, mostly of Isaiah, of course.

Here we are around 10:45pm walking around while we wait to get into the apartment our first night.  I was wearing sunglasses, just so you know; and Isaiah was thrilled to be up so late!

I wanted to get Isaiah's room set up as quickly as possible, to help with the adjustment of being in his own room (that deserves a post in itself!).  Here's some of the fun I had making his room look like a little boy's room.  I'll have to show a close up of the bookshelf later, so you can see the lego bookends. (yes, I'm pretty proud of my creativity with the surplus of legos that we have)  Isaiah has been able to play freely in his new room, and he seems quite happy!

He doesn't seem to mind the gate at all.  In fact, he rather enjoys sending us little gifts through the holes.  Here he was "supervising" his daddy's work.

And here's what Daddy was doing...Our hallway floor was really nasty linoleum (look at the bottom of this picture for a sample, it's still in the kitchen).  The floor was actually not glued down and quite disgusting.  My smart husband took care of the hallway for now, and hopes to get the kitchen in the fall!

And of course, Isaiah and I had to take a break and check out all the parks nearby.  This one is really beautiful, with a small lake and everything, but we're still looking for a sandbox!

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