04 June 2008

Family Day

I must confess that I haven't wanted to put up a new post because I wanted to be sure that everyone who might possibly read this blog saw the video of Isaiah trying to stand.  Today though was a day worth blogging about, so here's a new post after all.  Please feel free to scroll on down though, and watch the video as much as you like, I sure do.

Since our language lessons have ended, we've had some free time on our hands.  We've been wanting to enjoy the city again, which was difficult to do with the hustle and deadlines of lessons and homework and such.  Today we were finally able to enjoy a nice long excursion from our apartment across the Neva River to a beautiful park.  We enjoyed a picnic before walking closer to Nevsky Prospekt (the "main drag") and doing a little shopping.  We were very pleased to get the sales people to come down in their prices since we spoke Russian!

We ended our day back in the park just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine before heading back to our place.  I think Isaiah especially enjoyed the day because it held two of his favorite things (besides being with Mama and Daddy, of course):  being outside as much as possible and not napping.

During our picnic lunch in the shade, we actually got a chilly!

Close-up of cuteness

Isaiah likes having a cap like Daddy.  Every time I put it on his head, he says, "Dadda!" and holds onto it really tight.

Their "gangsta look"
FYI:  The Lord has recently provided a wonderful ministry contact for us here.  For more about that, check out our family blog.

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Gary said...

Great pics, Cristy, and yes, we did enjoy the "workout" video very much! Thanks.