20 June 2008

Better Late than Never

In our little family Father's Day has come to be something of a comedy of errors.  Let me explain...

On the eve of Thomas' first Father's Day as a father, he was rushing me to the ER in Jackson because I had a kidney stone.  On Father's Day I was pretty much drugged up and out of it on pain meds.  I don't even remember if I had anything planned for him.  He was very gracious and caring about it all though, of course.

Last year the day before Father's Day I got an incredibly bad stomach virus, I won't go into detail, but it was memorable.  At least this time I was strong enough on Father's Day to cook with my mom for the dads who were present.

This year on Father's Day Thomas came down with an uncomfortable malady, and he just wanted to sleep all day.  He did have strength to open his presents, though, which he actually received this year!

I don't know what the deal is with our family and Father's Day, but I hope that despite our past inability to celebrate the day very well, that Thomas knows what Isaiah and I already know quite well:  He's a wonderful Daddy, and we love him very much!

I was able to write about my wonderful husband and my terrific dad for one of my new favorite websites for their Father's Day tributes.  I would love for you to read there what I wrote!  There are other great dads described on this page, which I'm sure you would enjoying reading about as well.  Thomas and my dad are a little bit further down the page, so keep on scrolling...

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