12 May 2008

Sunday was a Good Day

Celebrating Mother's Day in a country where they don't celebrate Mother's Day is, well, just fine.  Some of our ex-pat friends actually don't celebrate it, since Russia has International Women's Day instead.  We however chose to continue to celebrate the American tradition!
Thomas and Isaiah treated me with great love and appreciation all day long with meals and gifts and the sweetest card ever!

It's funny what you miss when you're not at home, but being able to find those little things can be quite satisfying.  Thomas was able to find Honey Nut Cheerios, which is one of those things that I really miss munching on.  I enjoyed a bowl today, and they were even better than I remembered.
I was trying to think about some of my impressions of being a mom on my third Mother's Day, but unfortunately today I have a migraine, and thinking isn't exactly as easy as I would like it to be.  Maybe next year I can dazzle you with my quick whit or insightfulness, but this year, all I have to say is, I love being Isaiah's mom.

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RSchulte said...

How sweet! And I am sure Isaiah loves having you as his mommy! Even only keeping up through blogs, I can tell you are a wonderful mom!!!