17 April 2008

Sitting in the Sun

After a week of clouds and rain with only more such weather predicted for the next week, we were pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining brightly Saturday morning! Isaiah and I took advantage of the wonderful weather that afternoon after his nap. We walked and walked and enjoyed the sunshine before ending up at a little park across the street from our house.

We rode the merry-go-round a little bit until I got really dizzy. Isaiah kept asking for something that I didn't understand. Eventually I got the idea, and took him over to the slide. And here he is, sitting on the top of the slide, quite proud of himself!

He just sat there for several minutes enjoying the view, while I tried not to panic that he would fall backwards or start sliding and bang his head.  But he did really well, he even let go and clapped for himself without falling!  I was pretty proud of him, too.  I'm learning how to let him do for himself without worrying too much.  He's a strong Little Man and does all kinds of things for himself.

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Will and Carrie said...

I love the bottom photo! He looks so proud of himself! We are enjoying the warmer weather here also. It seems like spring has taken a little longer to get here this year!
I was wondering when you all come back to the States in a few months, if you would be anywhere near say, Chesapeake Virginia?