07 April 2008

Sewing Projects-II

Well, I have completed my first full garment for Isaiah.  I must confess that I'm quite proud of myself.   Without directions or an official pattern, I muddled my way through to make this little romper for Isaiah.

I'm already thinking of how to adjust it, of course, or how to make the next one better.  The snaps on the shoulders aren't really strong enough for his crawling style, so I'm trying to come up with a better idea.  Unfortunately it will probably involve buttons and therefore buttonholes (oh well).  For now, I think that the outfit is big enough for me to actually sew up the shoulder straps and just slip it on over his head.  Any suggestions?

The work in progress--oh yeah, and my sewing machine
The adorable model in his new outfit--it's light blue, in case you can't tell.  I didn't make the shirt underneath.
Striking a pose, while going for the toys


The Author said...

How about leaving the seam up the back open a couple inches at the top and using a hook and eye closure at the neck? Then you wouldn't need snaps or buttons on the shoulders.

Adorable Cristy! Good job!! Now. Make him wear it EVERY DAY! lol

mom said...

The outfit is really nice, Cristy. I'm very proud of you and how you rose to the challenge of making your own pattern. I'm sure this is only the beginning of Isaiah's new wardrobe !!!
Love mom

The Schwant Family said...


The Nelsons said...

Way to go! It looks great and he makes it look just adorable! :)
I would not recommend buttonholes! They are a nightmare for me! Too bad he's a boy, I'm going to start cheating on Emily's dresses and add ribbons to tie.