27 April 2008

Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed!

Today was Easter in Russia.  I'm glad that we got to celebrate Easter again because, to be honest, I completely missed the first one, and I really like Easter!  Having returned from Finland so late on Saturday night, we were all pretty tired.  Thankfully today there were 2 services at church, the regular service, and the English service where Thomas preaches a simple sermon for people who would like to practice English.  Wanting Isaiah to be able to get as much rest as possible (thereby enabling me to actually follow what is going on during a service and not having to constantly correct him or make sure that he's doing what he's supposed to),
 Thomas suggested that Isaiah and I come later for the English service.  I'm so glad that we did!  I missed being with everyone for the regular service, but Isaiah napped really well, and we still got to worship and celebrate the Resurrection! 

We also had a special treat when we got home.  Our church in Yazoo City, MS is having a special month devoted to missions.  During their Sunday school hour, we were able to present how our work is going thanks to the wonderful technology of the internet and Skype!  Being able to see everyone again was so much fun!  We've enjoyed doing that with my home church in NC on a couple of occasions in the past.  This time we actually were involved in the Sunday school class, which was very special.

Well, tomorrow is a big day for us.  I have my language lesson as usual, but then I get to come home and cook a very special dinner for a very special man who will be a little bit older.  So, ni' ni'.

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Mom Slawson said...

What a terrific looking family photo. I need that one for the wall.