14 March 2008

Spring in the Park

Well, it's been spring in Russia for 2 weeks.   Here spring starts on March 1, no matter what.  So we've had some snow, we've had some rain, we've had some sun.  Overall, it's starting to feel more like spring because the days are getting longer, and it's actually getting warmer, too!  The other day, I wore a t-shirt on under my jacket--no sweater, no turtleneck, just a t-shirt!  I felt so light and free!

Today Isaiah and I were celebrating the little bit of sunshine that I saw creeping out from behind the clouds.  We went to the park.  We were finally able to get to the playground equipment which had been surrounded by great ponds of water from all the melting snow.  He really enjoyed riding on the merry-go-round and the see-saw.  But the real highlight was when a huge group of kids came to play.  He laughed and laughed until he didn't make any sound. Forget the belly laugh--I love his "whole-body" laugh!

As we were about to leave for home, I noticed a woman with 2 boys come into the playground area.  One of the boys was in a wheelchair!  Since our time in St. P we have seen only 2 children in wheelchairs.  This was the first time that I had been close enough to talk to someone taking care of a child in a wheelchair.  We stayed a few more minutes, and I observed the lady and 2 boys.  I could feel my anxiety build a little as I knew that I HAD to talk to this lady!  She seemed really nice and caring towards the boy, so as they were leaving, I stopped her and asked if they lived nearby (a nice beginning, I thought, because I know how to say that!).  She was super nice!

As it turns out, she's friends with the boy's mother and helps out often.  I'm not sure of the boy's exact condition, but it was fairly obvious that he could not use his legs at all.  He seemed like a happy little boy, though, especially to be out and playing.  She wanted to give me either her phone number or the mother's phone number (I was getting a little confused at this point), but neither of us had a pen or paper, so we're meeting tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm our time, which would be, um, 8am EST.  And this time I'm bringing Thomas, too, so we'll be able to communicate even better.

SO.....please pray that she'll come, that we'll be able to understand each other, and that this will help us get a contact in the community to begin some of the work that we've been longing to do. I can't tell you how excited I am at this moment!  When I came home from the park, Thomas was sleeping, and it took all my willpower not to go and wake him up (he really needed his rest).

And, when I can find my card reader, I'll show you some really great pictures of Isaiah playing in the park...stay tuned!

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Will and Carrie said...

How exciting!! I will say a prayer tonight that she will show up and that you all can communicate! Let us know what happens.