14 February 2008

I Just Can't Take it Any More!

Ok, for the first time in my life I find myself wishing for warmer weather.  But it's not really that I want warmer weather so much as that I'm really missing the SUN!  (although I do look forward to not having to be so bundled up all the time and taking 30 minutes of bundling alone just to get Isaiah and me ready to head out the door) Before moving to Russia I never really minded overcast weather so much, even for long periods of time, but I think I've about reached my limit.  We haven't seen the sun for more than 2 consecutive days since either late October or early November.  I don't think that I'm exaggerating this.  So, I'm doing what I can to brighten things up a bit in my little corner of blogdom.

Don't worry, I'm sure that I'll get over the obnoxiously bright green soon and settle on something a little softer to the eyes.

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guitta chaiban hogue said...

you know, I feel ya. I would be climbing the walls if I were in an area where the sun rarely showed itself. I am actually (no kidding) thinking about investing in one of those light therapy contraptions. It effects my mood here in Mississippi. I am not surprised that you are downright ready for spring.