30 January 2008

St. Petersburg Got a Little Smaller

Living in a big city has been an adjustment for me.  I grew up in a town of oh, 8,000 or so.  Then during seminary our community was rather small, even though Jackson was a much bigger town that I was used to.  Yazoo City was anything but a big town.  Even if you didn't know every single person in town, you had some connection to everyone you saw.  I really like and miss living in a small town.

St. Petersburg is definitely not what you would call a small town!  I think it's possible to walk on the same street at the same time every day and see different people every day.  Getting to know people in a big city is sometimes difficult, too; although it might be easier if you actually speak the same language fluently.  But the other day when we were shopping in the fruit and vegetable market, St. Petersburg got a little smaller.  One of the ladies that works at a certain stand actually remembered me from several weeks ago!  She asked me if I wanted Granny Smith apples again this time.  I was so impressed!  I felt significant to my surroundings.  Realizing that someone who doesn't have to remember me for any particular reason really did remember me was fun.  She also gave Isaiah a mandarin (for free!) and played with him a little bit and said that he was a good boy, so she must have good judgment.

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mom slawson said...

Well, that is really something. Even remembered what type of apples you bought. Proves to us again that we never know what kind of impression we're making on people, just going about our every day lives. When we are willing to submit our lives to the honor and glory of God, as you certainly are, He gladly uses us.
Love, Mom Slawson